Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Things that make me happy....in case I haven't said it 100 times

If you know me, you know I'm an office supply geek. I've learned that I'm the same way about paint supplies. My heart feels completely full when I look at this picture and when I get a brush in my hand. 

A good glass of wine. No, that doesn't make me an alcoholic! Lol! I just appreciate the relaxing qualities of a nice wine after a long day....and it makes me feel like a grown up. Lol! My current favorite is Barefoot Sweet Red. 

This picture is Valentine's day with my girlies. I made them pancakes and decorated them with melted pink candy wafers. It makes me happy to do fun things like this for my girls! And they love it! (Please ignore the mess on the floor that Charlotte created 5 minutes before I had their food ready. Silly girl.)

The girls before school on the day of their Valentine's parties.

A night out with some old girlfriends!

Love this decoration/saying for a house

Working out with my sister makes me super happy!!!

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  1. You are the best Mamma . Every House or I should say Home should have this sign on a wall. Love it and you Honey .