Tuesday, September 30, 2014


I often note my bad days more than my good days. I don't want to miss noting great days.....

I feel so incredibly ALIVE today!! I feel like God is opening up the world to me!! I feel like I hear the birds chirping and see the rainbow in the sky. Okay I'm being dramatic. But seriously, I'm amazed with the positivity I feel and how great I feel today. I haven't felt like this in a long time. And I truly believe I'm learning so much right now about me and I'm starting to see opportunities and possibilities. It's exciting to me! And I feel great! I haven't felt this good in a long time!!

That is all. Good night. :)

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Chore chart - school days

The girls and I started a chart for school evenings and mornings to run a little smoother. Being a single mom has some disadvantages and getting everything done morning and night for two little people can be exhausting....so this is a way to organize our schedule and allow for the kids to have some independence. At 5 and 8 there were a lot of things they can do on their own that I just still always did for them, so we are exercising their abilities. :)

We've done some refining since we started and it's getting better. Like a rewards system for completing their daily list along with a sticker which if they accumulate 4 out of 5 we get to do something special like movie night. Here's our chart and our little treasure chest of rewards.

"Keep on being brave!" ~Love God

Thursday night I cried myself to sleep. A little overwhelmed with life. A little overwhelmed with being on my own. I cried to God asking how long it was going to be like this...was this how life would be from now on. (Sorry....I know this sounds a little depressing but there's a point, I promise.)

I get a daily "Verse of the Day" from my Bible app on my phone. Friday morning I woke up to this scripture:

"Keep on being brave! It will bring you great rewards. Learn to be patient, so you will please God and be given what he has promised."  - Hebrews 10:35-36

I was amazed at how much God was speaking to me and the comfort he was bringing me.

Then Saturday night at church we listened to a couple (Tim and Heather) who we have been sponsoring for their missions and the words Heather spoke allowed God to finally get it through my head. If I were to get what I want now and it wouldn't be God's time, it wouldn't work. It would be miserable. God revealed to me that being patient and waiting for His perfect timing will allow for Him to prepare everything and everyone so things will be just right.

The clarity and peace God has given me this weekend through his wisdom amazes me. My trust in

I just wanted to share.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Surprise! Kindergarten is a cinch, mom!

Charlotte brought home flash cards this week to work on learning letters and words. Today she also brought home a paper that said they are working on some sentences. Easy sentences like "Am I red?" and "I am a duck."

She read them to me!! She read every sentence right off the paper on the first try!! I couldn't decide whether to cry or be excited. So I teared up and shouted "Charlotte! You can read!!" She was so proud of hearing those words come out of my mouth and knowing that it was true that she beamed from ear to ear! We giggled and I kept saying it and she just hugged me and kissed me. Best day in awhile.

Guess what....my baby is learning to read. :)

Friday, September 5, 2014

37 Reasons I’m Not Embracing The Moment

- See more at: http://www.scarymommy.com/reasons-im-not-embracing-the-moment/#sthash.olazl0a8.dpuf

Thursday, September 4, 2014

I Am More...

Tenth Avenue North - You Are More: http://youtu.be/IwtcwQwgdsA

Heard this song....watched the video...the message is made for me. I don't often know this so I needed to hear this song so bad!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Random bits of goodness....

I have some random things I've wanted to post about but time has gotten away from me so I am smooshing them all together in one past so I don't leave anything out.

Drea's art exhibit

This was great! My dad made the suggestion that Drea should do something to have everyone over to see the newest artwork she made at her summer art camp. So we decided to host her very own art exhibit. We invited our family over and it really turned out awesome! The girls got into it and made everyone a plate of appetizers that they served before they were walked around through the exhibit so Drea could tell them about each piece. They even turned on fancy jazz music for their guests.
This is a cool panoramic photo I took of my dining room. It captured all of Drea's artwork and turned to be a neat shot.

Drea showing some of her artwork to her guests.

East Fairmont Rockets

Drea started cheerleading for her first time. She is cheering for the Rockets....The same football team I grew up cheering for except back then they were called the IUE Rockets. It feels so weird calling them the East Fairmont Rockets now. 
Drea's first cheerleading practice

Drea and her new friend Jaelyn at football team weigh ins. The girls cheered for the scrimage afterward.

Miniature golfing

One night after cheerleading practice, I decided to treat the girls to mini golfing. It was on a whim... Coal Country golf course caught my eye on the way home and I literally just turned that way off the interstate and surprised the girls. This is outside of my character sometimes and I love it. I love when I can make the girls night by spending some time with them outside of the expected mommy regimen. And it always ends up being some of my favorite moments.
Both of the girls really enjoyed it. On hole number one, Drea got a hole in one!

Trying to get Drea's ball off the giant coal man.

A day off before kindergarten

I decided to take a day off with Charlotte when Drea started school since Charlotte didn't start for a couple days. I took time off with Drea before she started kindergarten so I thought I would at least enjoy a day with Charlotte. 

We went to CrossFit and then took Theo to the park for a bit.
After my quick doctor's appointment, we went home and snuggled on the couch until time to pick up sissy. Charlotte loves cuddle time! And that was all she requested of me for the day so I was happy to appease her!

He has so much fun crawling through the tube!!

My little monkey 
The girls wanted to do something for Andy for his 40th birthday. Since he was out of town and there has been lots going on, planning a party wasn't going to be possible. So they decided to do something silly. We blew up balloons and filled his bathroom. (The bathroom was the smallest room to fill and the room we could shut off from the dogs without cramping their style! lol!) So we blew up balloons and decorated and closed the door so when he returned from Atlanta and tried to go to the bathroom he would be inundated with a mini-party! lol Here's a pic: