Thursday, October 20, 2016

I forget I can do it

I often doubt my ability as a parent. I'm sure I've said it before and sound like a broken record. After working a full day and coming home to two active little girls, I'm often exhausted. I think I need help and I can't do it on my own. I forget that I'm capable. I surprise myself often when I realize that I got this! Do you ever watch the sitcom George Lopez used to have on tv? He often used that catch phrase when he was trying to convince his wife that he could handle something. He'd say, "I got thiiissss!" in a high pitched voice that escalated at the end.

Anyway, I surprise myself. I often feel overwhelmed and it will bleed into my thoughts of capability.

Even though "I've got thiiissss!" I've learned to ask for help. I've learned that there's nothing wrong with knowing that you have people around to help and sometimes it's necessary for my sanity to utilize their willingness to help me. I love it. It's just teaching my children to not be too prideful to ask for help and to not insist that you can do everything without help until you are crazy.
Maybe that sounds contradictory but I don't think so. Part of being a capable parent is knowing your limits....knowing that you physically can't be 3 places at once....And knowing that it takes a village. I love my village!

Now, would I rather be parenting WITH someone....sharing the workload? ABSOLUTELY! But I'm not right now and I'm ok with that. And I know that even though I'm physically alone, God is always with me!