Tuesday, December 31, 2013

"Women Who Do Too Much"

Jacquie left a Christmas present on my desk while I was out of the office on Christmas break. It's a daily desk calendar. Sometimes these are stressful to me because I hate it when I don't keep up with them and I get behind. The one I had last year had scriptures on it...I'm throwing it away right now to put out my new one and the current day it was left on is November 15th. LOL!

The new calendar is called 365 Meditations and Reflections for 2014 for Women Who Do Too Much.

If that isn't like..."Enough said."

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The holidays are here...

This is the making of Papaw & Grandma's 2013 Christmas cards.

Best things ever: 1st edition

I have some favorites and if I'm not documenting them for someone else to benefit from (you know, I'm all about grilling others out! Lol!) In certainly documenting then on my blog for myself because eventually I'm just going to be old and forgetful. (At least I don't consider myself old now...at 34!)
Well, I'm naming this the 1st edition because I'm positive this won't be the only post of this kind.

Couple of the best things ever:

Peanut butter and bacon milkshake from Sonic
I'm a peanut butter freak. I'm a bacon freak. Put them together...it's a match made in heaven!
The combination doesn't appeal to some. And if you are one of those crazy people, my second favorite milkshake from there is the Peanut Butter Cookie.

Cheez Waffies by Wise
I'm weird...I know. I haven't met many people who like these which is probably why you can only by them in a couple random stores anymore but I think they are Delicious! Yes, any item that spells cheese with a "z" on its package just has to be authentic and made with some of the best ingredients in the world but that's not the important part... they are a great snack! They don't have to be nutritious or made with real cheese for me! lol! I remember Andy always liked them too and Drea actually thinks they are good as well....every one else turns their nose up and looks at me like I'm crazy when I offer them some. Well, I don't want to share anyway! Hahaha!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Fast food restaurants

Yes, the truth is fast food joints don't deliver the highest standard of service and I should know that ahead of time. And I do.

BUT, sometimes I still hope for more and expect it. (Expect...that's where my mistake lies.)

It's seems like most drive-thrus are guilty of my first complaint:
I don't need the person taking my order to guide me through my entire order and rapidly at that. I usually know what I want and how I want it. (Surprise!) Most of these order-takers seem to ask politely (usually) to take my order and then as soon as the words start coming out of my mouth they start cutting me off to inquire about the other parts of my order. Like if I say I want combo #4, I'm usually getting ready to tell them what kind of drink I want with it and sizes, etc. But before I even finish with the word "four", they shouting over me "What drink?" "What side?" "What size? Anyway, sometimes I just want them to slow down and listen because as soon as I finished saying four, I was going to say "Root Beer and fries...and large size that please?"

Why do they all insist on giving you one bag with every item you have ordered stuffed in it? No matter whether you have ordered for 1 person or 4, it seems like I always get handed this bag through the window that is already practically ripping because you only have a tiny corner to grab onto because it is so packed full with my order(s). Is there a bag shortage we are all not aware of? Or have these bags become so expensive that we can't spare an extra?

Yes, I know my first mistake was going to the fast food drive-thru.
And yes, I know my second mistake was EXPECTING some higher level of service.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Simple things

I can't believe how much something so simple like moving my desk around at work can make me feel so much better. Well, I didn't actually move my desk but re-arranged items on my desk. ...Moved my monitors and my KVM switch, my PC towers, wires, cords, cables, etc. I thought I was just cleaning and organizing but I essentially ended up giving myself more room and I feel like I can spread out more. LOVE!

This has been very helpful for me because I have been battling some serious depression issues over the past week. The smallest things can make a huge difference for me right now. So I just wanted to note that.

I feel good. I feel good sitting down at my desk right now. And I'm enjoying that small thing and I wanted to take note of it.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Gotta get them out of there sometimes...

I haven't been on facebook for some time now and I feel like I'm going crazy for an outlet for all of the random thoughts in my head sometimes. I decided to try this. Getting things out of my head and written down sometimes is very helpful for me whether the thoughts are good, bad, silly, random or insane...I just need them out of there.  So, here we go...