Tuesday, February 24, 2015

D & C Reading Nook

Drea loves to read! Charlotte is quite the little book girl too. I read a suggestion that said your kids would enjoy a space to read in and to escape in with a book. So I crafted a little reading nook for them. They love it. They haven't used it much yet...despite being super excited about it but it seems like we have been pretty busy lately. Anyway, hopefully they try it out more sometime. Drea sat one day and read a whole book in just a couple hours....like a older kids chapter book. So I just thought this might be a good spot for her. I'm sure once she tries it out more it, she will be in love with it. 

Things that make me happy....in case I haven't said it 100 times

If you know me, you know I'm an office supply geek. I've learned that I'm the same way about paint supplies. My heart feels completely full when I look at this picture and when I get a brush in my hand. 

A good glass of wine. No, that doesn't make me an alcoholic! Lol! I just appreciate the relaxing qualities of a nice wine after a long day....and it makes me feel like a grown up. Lol! My current favorite is Barefoot Sweet Red. 

This picture is Valentine's day with my girlies. I made them pancakes and decorated them with melted pink candy wafers. It makes me happy to do fun things like this for my girls! And they love it! (Please ignore the mess on the floor that Charlotte created 5 minutes before I had their food ready. Silly girl.)

The girls before school on the day of their Valentine's parties.

A night out with some old girlfriends!

Love this decoration/saying for a house

Working out with my sister makes me super happy!!!

Monday, February 16, 2015

When you can't fix it

Over the past couple years I've learned that I'm a fixer. Growing up I knew I was the peacemaker in my family. I did what I could to make sure everyone was ok with each other. I'm not sure how much control I had over anyone but in my mind I held this role. Now, I've learned that I've grown into a fixer. If I can figure out a way to fix something for someone, I would do it. I have worked very hard at recognizing this quality and trying to hone it in. As it's often not a good quality, I'm usually working on trying to relax and not focus on how to fix something.

This weekend was an example of this. I have a friend who was going through something very difficult. I struggled most of the weekend with their situation on my mind and often a panicky feeling like I should help. That's the problem. There truly was no way for me to help. I couldn't offer advice. I couldn't offer an ear to listen. I really couldn't offer anything.

That was so hard for me. There had to be something I could do. I racked my brain for ideas and ways I could DO SOMETHING! Part of it is being a fixer....part of it is truly caring about someone....you want to help make their lives better, easier, simpler. You want to help them fix what's broken or at least be there to listen.

So.....I prayed. I realized that's what I could do. That's all I could. But it was something. And praying about the situation was better than anything I could have done to attempt to help. God showed me that prayer is the best way to help anyone and the best way to fix anything. So I prayed. I let God be God and I prayed. I'm not God. We can all admit that's a difficult realization to come by. I'm not God.

So I prayed.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Old videos I found

I found these old videos of Charlotte and Drea hula hooping in the middle of Wal-Mart. I started watching them and couldn't stop laughing!!


Click Here: Video 1

Click Here: Video 2

Saturday, February 14, 2015

More CrossFit

No I'm not CrossFit obsessed. But I've been having some fun and learning a lot.

Below is some balance skill work which I was proud to finally get. The one arm handstand....now that may be years away. Lol. The other pic....me and my sis at the superhero fundraiser for Jack Rollins. The video at the end is of me working on Push Press technique and form.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

CrossFit Kids

Our CrossFit box started a Kids CrossFit class.
I took the girls on Saturday before the team workout. They had such a great time! Even Charlotte who protested working out and wasn't going to participate at all! (Please see pictures of her enjoying herself below.)
Balance skill work in frog stands
Working on proper form for squats. Elbows up to keep your chest up.
Little cuties!
Everyone wanted to row with Momma (Aunt Stacey)
Cheesin' on the rower!
New logo I created for RoF CrossFit Kids