Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Something missing....

You may look at my blog and think there is something missing. I haven't posted many pictures of my kids or stories about them. Don't worry, I'm not excluding my kids...they will be a part of it shortly...  I have mainly started just blogging random thoughts and feelings. I will soon post some good kid stories and pictures so stay tuned.  :-)  Maybe they will even begin adding some blogs. I bet Drea would love to write some herself!

~ Stac

Here's a pic of my babies (from a couple summers ago but I love this pic!)

Pinterest fun!

I have been having a lot of fun doing projects I find on Pinterest lately. I thought I would post some of them...probably more for my memory than to show off my work because they aren't my ideas so I don't deserve any credit.
Mostly I enjoy this blog because I love a site/app that is useful! I get tired of things that just take up my time but I don't get any good use out of them. I used a lot of my pinned ideas for at Christmas time to do some creative gift giving and not spend as much money. And now I am enjoying the ideas I've been putting to use while getting ready to move into my new rental house. Anway, the pictures are below. (Not pictured are the recipes I have tried which always end up being delicious!) I'm sure I will post more as I collect more creations! I am having so much fun with it!
Christmas gift the girsl and I made for Andy. 
It's the girls thumbprints made into hearts for a keepsake.
This is was a Christmas gift I did for my mom.
It's a "family tree" with the grandkid's handprints as the leaves. I made one for my Dad and Beth too.
These are headband holders! I love them.
They will be for the new house and will assist in my attempt to organize our stuff!!
This is a dresser that my mom and Bob let me have for my new house. I painted it a color that will compliment my bedspread. Below is a picture of what it looked like before I painted it.