Sunday, August 31, 2014

My little cheerleader!

Drea is a cheerleader now. This was her first year cheering for the Rockets. She loves it! These are some pictures of her during done of the games this season.

First days of school

This past week hosted the beginning of new eras in our lives. Drea started 3rd grade and Charlotte made her official school appearance in kindergarten!

Drea has always liked school but this is the first year I have actually heard her truly excited to start learning not just excited to see all of her friends. She said she couldn't wait to get back to learning fractions (yes, she's my kid who lives math so much it's actually exciting!)

Charlotte wasn't exactly excited about school but was ready to see some of the friends she made over the summer at kinderkamp. She would have preferred summer lasting months longer! But it had to come to an end and my baby started school!

Drea's first day of third grade!

Charlotte wanted in on Drea's first day pics. Kindergarten in our county starts a couple days later do the big kids have a chance to get into the swing of things before you throw the newbies into the mix.

Charlotte's first day of kindergarten!

And of course, both of them again.

Charlotte with her backpack like a big girl!!

Both of them being silly and showing off their backpacks.

At the school, ready to walk in. My big girls. 

Lastly, we always take the kids out to eat after the first day of school. Their choice: The Golden Corral. This is like their favorite place to eat. I've probably said it before but I think it's because they have so many options. Kids are picky so a smorgasbord of options where they can find quite a bit of their preferences makes their day. Plus, the cotton candy and ice cream helps! 

It struck me as funny when I looked at their plates after our first trip to the buffet. Check it out: 

Drea's plate: bits of random items she likes....a small slice of watermelon, pepperoni, little steps of tortilla chips, a roll, a piece of bead, and don't forget the small bag of oyster crackers that are just above her plate. She's so cute! :)

And then there's Charlotte's meal: noodles, green beans, corn, and a roll. I don't know why the way they easy so differently tickles me but I love their differences. They are so cute! I do not love these differences on a typical night of dinner at home! Lol! If I just served bread or rolls, they would be set! 

Oh, I forgot to mention that Charlotte found her bff, Poppy, on get first day of school. She was so excited because we didn't think they were going to be attending the same school. Here is a picture of the two of them enjoying their first breakfast at big school together!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

More vacation pics

I completely forgot when stating in my last post that my favorite part of the vacation was the tour boat that my real favorite part was our bike ride. Well, ok, maybe I have 2 favorites. Or if I'm like Drea and Charlotte "Theyowhl ahhh my fvwavorwites!" the words of Charlotte.

Here are some other great pictures. Below is Charlotte enjoying the lake and beachfront and then both of them running around in the water and sand, and then another day at the swimming pool.
Below are pictures from our infamous bike ride. We rented a Surrey (I think that's what they are called) and thought we would enjoy a nice, relaxing bike ride. Seriously, every time we drove down to the beach we saw all of these people on surreys looking like they were enjoying the little trek down the sidewalks and the breeze in their hair. THIS WAS NOT THE CASE. This was hard. Hard. We were pedaling like our life counted on it. Trying to get five of us up the smallest of inclines was a feat meant for the road runner apparently and not 3 overweight adults and an eight yr old! lol!!!
This picture was one of the evenings Bob and Drea were looking for beach glass, I think. I really like this pic.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014


We went on a mini vacation....a long weekend to Presque Isle, PA with mom and Bob.

We had a great time. The girls wanted to be in the pool or at the beach every waking minute. This didn't bode well for them since there was a bad storm approaching when we got there. The picture below is our first opportunity to go swimming. I believe it was 9 am the next morning!

After their morning swim, we decided to take a ride on a tour boat. I probably enjoyed this the most out of everything on our trip. I loved sitting back and relaxing and just enjoying the cool air, the wind in your hair, the beautiful scenery, and the fact that my children had to stay in one place for the whole ride! Lol! Here are some pictures of our tour:
This was my favorite because I'm not sure I've ever been that close to a sailboat sailing through the water. (Not sure I've ever been that close to a sailboat at all but definitely not one in all its majesty fully taking in the wind and commanding the water.) Loved that!

I will post s couple more things from our trip later.