Tuesday, August 19, 2014


We went on a mini vacation....a long weekend to Presque Isle, PA with mom and Bob.

We had a great time. The girls wanted to be in the pool or at the beach every waking minute. This didn't bode well for them since there was a bad storm approaching when we got there. The picture below is our first opportunity to go swimming. I believe it was 9 am the next morning!

After their morning swim, we decided to take a ride on a tour boat. I probably enjoyed this the most out of everything on our trip. I loved sitting back and relaxing and just enjoying the cool air, the wind in your hair, the beautiful scenery, and the fact that my children had to stay in one place for the whole ride! Lol! Here are some pictures of our tour:
This was my favorite because I'm not sure I've ever been that close to a sailboat sailing through the water. (Not sure I've ever been that close to a sailboat at all but definitely not one in all its majesty fully taking in the wind and commanding the water.) Loved that!

I will post s couple more things from our trip later.

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