Monday, July 21, 2014

Date night with Drea

This Friday was date night with Drea. My kids are so different sometimes that its awesome getting one-on-one time to remind me of that fact. It gives me a chance to treat them differently (in a good way) and not always lump them together.

Drea wanted to go to the Poky Dot. Mainly because she was reminded of the restaurant last week when I asked Charlotte if she wanted to go there.  She likes the Poky Dot because it's fun, whimsical, and has food she likes. (This is in alternate to Charlotte who couldn't care less about any of that stuff and doesn't really love the food.) Drea loves lots of different places and would enjoy just about anywhere. As you may have noticed by Charlotte's date night post, she has specific tastes and specific places she likes and is in the mood for. 

We had a great night. We went to paint pottery first at Mountain Creative. I knew she would love to do that....she's been begging me to take her there for quite awhile and after I took Charlotte there on her date, I wouldn't dare take Drea anywhere else. :) 

It took Drea a good deal of time to choose what to paint. Once she chose her subject (the mermaid) her creativity started blooming. We were picking out paint and she was asking for all of these variations of colors and I asked her why she needed 3 different yellows. She said "It's to make highlights in her hair, Mom."  She practically could have added a "duh" after that and I would have understood. So it took us a couple hours to paint our creations (I made a wine stopper) and the detail she put into hers was incredible. I love her little creative mind! Makes me so proud!

Then we went to eat and for dessert we made s'mores at our table! It was so cool.

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