Monday, July 14, 2014

Date night with Charlotte

Andy and I are starting date night with the kids in which we take turns getting done one on one time with the girls. I've been trying get us to do this for awhile and now we have built it into our schedules! I get so excited for this. I have trouble with attention and focus sometime so this really helpful because I can connect more with my girls.
Charlotte is Charlotte. I have get done thoughts on places to eat. She wanted Subway. Well, she wanted McDonald's...I vetoed. I reminded her that at subway she usually just gets ham and cheese in a bowl and chips. She said yeah, but it's the best ham and cheese in the world.
Then we went to Mountain Creative, a local paint your own pottery place. She was so excited to pick out her own piece to paint. I helped her paint hers instead of painting my own (since she picked a pretty expensive piece).
Then we went to Gran's to visit with cousin Theo (oh yeah, and Papaw, Grandma, and Kareen) and then topped off date night with a visit to Dairy Creme Corner.
Here's a couple pictures:

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