Thursday, July 17, 2014

The simple things in life

I've been trying to enjoy more of the simple things in life. I get so busy and task-oriented that I forget to do this.

I had a tea party with the girls for dinner on Monday night. They loved it!! They were very surprised because I got everything ready while they were outside playing with their friends. It was nice to just sit and relax with them and enjoy them.

Yesterday while working outside at my brother's, I was in a lull sitting on top of the ladder waiting for someone and I happened to look up and notice how amazing the clouds were! It was just one of those days where the clouds look like giant cotton puffballs that make amazingly beautiful shapes. It gives you a sense of how small you are and how small our problems are because you can actually see how gigantic these clouds are compared to you. I just sat there and enjoyed that for a few minutes. I love moments like that. And truthfully any moment like this that I actually focus on and enjoy is a WIN for me. It's so easy for me to get wrapped up in busy-ness and never take any moments to enjoy the simple things in when I do, that's a WIN for me that day.

I finished my "You Gotta Love..." doodles the other day. This is a design I saw and wanted to do it for myself. I drew "You Gotta Love" in the middle of my paper and then all around it I wrote different things that I enjoy. For me, it's a way of learning about myself and remembering the small things that I enjoy in life. Then when it's not a great day, I have a quick list of things I know make the day a little bit better. Of course, there are way more things than I have listed and specific people I haven't added but this is still a good start. There's a picture of this below.  There's another lesson in this activity for me....not worrying about perfection in what this looks like but just enjoying what is on it. I'm really enjoying learning more about me!  (I want to make one of these for each of my kids with qualities about them around their name in the middle. Maybe I woul djust put it in their baby books. It would be a cool thing for them to have forever.)

One day last week when the girls were at their dads, I didn't have anything to do when I came home from work. Well, scratch that....I had a million things to do....mow the grass, clean the house, do the dishes....but I knew that I needed some time for me. It was beautiful outside and I really wanted to sit outside and enjoy the sun and read a book. I don't have any chairs on my deck and the only chairs I have inside are straight-backed, not-conducive to relaxing outside chairs. So I just went out and sat on the top step on the deck and layed back across the deck. Before beginning to read, I just layed there and looked up at the sky. I tried hard to think of nothing (lol!) because I overthink everything in my life and I just try to get my mind to stop sometimes. I digress....I enjoyed the warm sunshine on my face. And there's just something about laying parallel to the sky and watching the clouds go by.  Then I grabbed a pillow and my book and laid out there and read for an hour or so. It was awesome! I call that another WIN for me! I'm growing so much and learning to slow myself down enough to enjoy my simple pleasures!

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