Tuesday, August 26, 2014

More vacation pics

I completely forgot when stating in my last post that my favorite part of the vacation was the tour boat that my real favorite part was our bike ride. Well, ok, maybe I have 2 favorites. Or if I'm like Drea and Charlotte "Theyowhl ahhh my fvwavorwites!"...in the words of Charlotte.

Here are some other great pictures. Below is Charlotte enjoying the lake and beachfront and then both of them running around in the water and sand, and then another day at the swimming pool.
Below are pictures from our infamous bike ride. We rented a Surrey (I think that's what they are called) and thought we would enjoy a nice, relaxing bike ride. Seriously, every time we drove down to the beach we saw all of these people on surreys looking like they were enjoying the little trek down the sidewalks and the breeze in their hair. THIS WAS NOT THE CASE. This was hard. Hard. We were pedaling like our life counted on it. Trying to get five of us up the smallest of inclines was a feat meant for the road runner apparently and not 3 overweight adults and an eight yr old! lol!!!
This picture was one of the evenings Bob and Drea were looking for beach glass, I think. I really like this pic.

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