Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Fast food restaurants

Yes, the truth is fast food joints don't deliver the highest standard of service and I should know that ahead of time. And I do.

BUT, sometimes I still hope for more and expect it. (Expect...that's where my mistake lies.)

It's seems like most drive-thrus are guilty of my first complaint:
I don't need the person taking my order to guide me through my entire order and rapidly at that. I usually know what I want and how I want it. (Surprise!) Most of these order-takers seem to ask politely (usually) to take my order and then as soon as the words start coming out of my mouth they start cutting me off to inquire about the other parts of my order. Like if I say I want combo #4, I'm usually getting ready to tell them what kind of drink I want with it and sizes, etc. But before I even finish with the word "four", they shouting over me "What drink?" "What side?" "What size? Anyway, sometimes I just want them to slow down and listen because as soon as I finished saying four, I was going to say "Root Beer and fries...and large size that please?"

Why do they all insist on giving you one bag with every item you have ordered stuffed in it? No matter whether you have ordered for 1 person or 4, it seems like I always get handed this bag through the window that is already practically ripping because you only have a tiny corner to grab onto because it is so packed full with my order(s). Is there a bag shortage we are all not aware of? Or have these bags become so expensive that we can't spare an extra?

Yes, I know my first mistake was going to the fast food drive-thru.
And yes, I know my second mistake was EXPECTING some higher level of service.

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