Tuesday, August 25, 2015

School has started but I'm learning!

School has started and I love a couple things I learned about the kids today.

Charlotte had to take 4 items to school to describe herself and I was amazed at how perfect her choices were.

1)  Her Cinderella jewelry box from Disney World - because she loves princesses and of course, Disney

2)  A locket bracelet - because she loves jewelry and accessories

3)  The cousins 2014 Christmas picture - because she loves her family and her cousins

4)  A little plastic animal that goes with one of her dolls - because she loves animals!

That's my Char! That is a great description of her!!!

Drea brought home new books that she checked out from the library today. We were picking what to read at bedtime and she showed me the elephant books that she checked out. She explained why she moved on to elephants.... She has literally read EVERY book that her library has on dolphins. Every dolphin book. So she started reading her next favorite animal, elephants. Truth be told, she probably had read most of the sea life books altogether not just the dolphin books. Also, I think her librarian ordered some additional dolphin books because she loved them last year.

I love that kid. Her thirst for knowledge amazes me! How about owning that fact when you begin 4th grade....You have read an entire section of books so you have to move on to another. And just so you know, this isn't a tiny little library in some tiny little school. It's a nice-sized library.  I kind of forget most days that she's 9.  ;-)

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  1. Boy i'm slipping I just saw this , So proud of you as their Mom to pick up on this and an so true about char and drea can you believe most people dont read one book in life.