Sunday, May 17, 2015

Heading into summer

I'm truly enjoying this weather and the rush from spring in to summer.

I have learned that I thrive outside experiencing God's beauty in nature. There's so many things I want to do this summer... kayak, learn how to ride a horse, sit on my deck and read, ride my bike, and just anything outside. (I say that until it's 100 and humid outside. Lol)

The picture below is of Drea enjoying the weather. Sitting in the sun reading and reading a snack. That was....until grass was getting in her drink and food because I was mowing while she was relaxing.

This is the neighbor's tree beside my house. It's beautiful! It makes me think of the azalea bushes that used to be in front of the house I grew up in on Morgantown Ave. 

This has been the pastime Charlotte has been enjoying with the spring weather. Caterpillar collecting. She doesn't understand why they all die in her little science experiment bucket.

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