Wednesday, March 26, 2014


1. I'm very frustrated every time I go inside my food cabinets to get something because I haven't decided how I want to organize them....and there are zero brainstorms happening about it. I guess I need to get "pinteresting" about it...

Matt, my counselor, would say I'm probably way over-thinking this.

2. It's really sad that I often know todays date because of what the "Use By" dates are on my food in the fridge. That's called OCD. I should probably say "Thanks Dad!" for that one. Lol!

If that is confusing to you...I mean, I knew today was March 26 because the hot sausage in my fridge had the date of 3/26 on it so I knew on Wed I needed to either cook my hot sausage or freeze it. Now no lectures about how that date isn't the exact date for it to go bad but I try to use that date for my own brain or I would accidentally let it go way past that date and then it would get stinky and I would have to throw it away.

Yeah, ok....Matt would probably say I definitely need an extra session on over-thinking now! Lol!

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  1. it's amazing how we always know what Matt would say so i guess that's good at least it's not a waste of time going . He laughs when I say yes i know you have told me !!!! As far as thing in refrigerator I'm getting better. But bob will eat something that I think has been in there to long haha.