Thursday, February 20, 2014

Time "stealers"

I hate time "stealers"!! I mean something specific when I say that.

I'm a sucker to time "stealers". I just turned my phone on when leaving my office and a notification from Shutterfly popped up. "Last Day for 101 free prints!" My first thought was ...oh, who cares. But then I thought...well, I never print pictures would be nice to print some and make a nice album that the girls would enjoy looking through...and for free! (plus shipping I'm sure).

So I clicked the link and started sorting through my shutterfly albums to pick my 101 photos. It was taking awhile to load on my phone so I decided I would wait until I get home and do it on the computer to be quicker.

And then it dawned on me....I didn't plan to do this. I don't mind doing things unplanned...I just do that too often. And its not really the unplanned part that will get me. Its that when I get home there will be some issue with getting the computer to work or making decisions on which pictures or something....anything...that will make the 20 minutes task end up taking me 2 hrs!! And will I give up after 1 hr because its taking too long won't give up...I will feel like its a challenge... something I have to conquer and complete or then it would have been a complete waste of the hour I already spent! (I know...I'm such a goofball!)

But seriously this is one of my pet peeves about myself...letting myself be robbed by time thieves!

~ Stacey

P.S. - I did it anyway. I took the time and luckily it probably only took me about a half hour and I did it while I was eating... can we say "multi-tasking"!! (I'm okay with anything that could be considered multi-tasking!) LOL! But then the next problem in this whole scenario might be that these thing end up becoming money "stealers". Because I didn't just get 101 photos, I, of course, got about 50 more. That's how they get ya! :-) Money Stealers!!!

FYI - I put "stealers" in quotes because it's not a real word but I like it. I don't want anyone to think I just make up my own words and think they can be found in the "Dictionary of Stacey" therefore they must be real words. LOL!

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  1. I have that problem now that I'm not working it seem like everything takes forever or should be time " stealers " like it