Monday, February 10, 2014

Best Day Ever

If your life is anything like mine, you her the title of this post to the tune of One Direction's "Best Song Ever." Lol! If not, feel free to ignore me and move on to the next paragraph. I seem to constantly have teeny bopper sounds in my head anymore.

I have had the best day today. I took the day off to spend the day with my girls. Drea didn't have school today because it was an IS day. I realized that I didn't really get to take any of the recent snow days off with them so I was going to actually take a day off work. We took Charlotte to school...yes, Charlotte would actually prefer going to daycare to hang out with her I thought it would be a good opportunity for alone time with Drea. We bargained with Charlotte to pick her up at 1 pm before naptime to spend the rest of the day with us. I have them lots of ideas of things we could do including the movies but they both said they would just rather hang out at home. I love it! That was perfect. And I'm glad they reminded me that we just need to stay home sometimes and those end up being the best days.

Anyway, Drea asked if we could paint after we took Char. I was so excited because we love to paint together and I hadn't even thought of it. So we got our supplies together and decided to try some new techniques that we had seen before but never tried. You use palette knives of different sizes and edges. I also started some paintings for the girls room. You can see our palette knives paintings below.

Then we went to pick up Charlotte and we have been playing Barbies, dancing, eating, coloring, etc. They still have an agenda of making bracelets, taking baths, making crescent roll pizzas and painting nails left. And its 5:30....wondering if we will get all of that in! Ha!

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