Sunday, January 11, 2015

My baby turned 9....

Drea is nine years old. 

It dawned on me she may very well be a "tween" now. So I, of course, Googled it.... some sites say that is 10-12 year olds and some sites say that is 9-12 year olds. All I know is that is a scary thought that may baby has hit an age that seems old to me.

She is becoming such a lovely, beautiful, young lady. I can't believe she is nine!
I babysat for a lot of years when I was younger and I remember always thinking that 9 years old were big kids. They were just beginning that age between child and teen when kids start changing into teenagers, when kids start thinking they are too old to have babysitters but are definitely too young to be left alone, when kids start thinking more grown up but still child-like enough to enjoy life to the fullest! 
That's my wish for her this year....that she will enjoy this year to the fullest and that many of her dreams come true....

Stay tuned for my annual look at where my girls are this year and birthday letter from Momma. Check out some of the pictures below from Drea's Art Party for her 9th birthday:

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