Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Random thoughts...

Sports. I caught Drea watching ESPN the other day. Yes folks, on her own, she turned the channel to ESPN and was really watching SportsCenter. Andy is so proud.
Mice. Hate them. I'm a complete sissy about them. I have been having an issue with them trapsing around my kitchen. So I have had to set traps, kill and dispose. Wait a minute, my stepdad has had to set traps, kill, and dispose of the mice. I heard a trap go off the other morning before work, so I refused to even walk into my kitchen and made the very logical decision to find breakfast at work. He came to dispose of the ones that were caught and Charlotte was very upset that he threw them outside before she got to see them. So he took her outside and showed them to her and then she asked to borrow his gloves. She then proceeded with picking them up and visually examining them.
*On a side note concerning the two thoughts above, I have amazingly well-rounded daughters!!
Microwaves. How annoying is it that every one is so different and you have to be a brain surgeon to be able to use one that you don't use all the time.
Logic. Why is it when you decide on a new spot for something because it makes more sense that you would always look for it to be in this place, that the next time you go to look for you look everywhere but the new place....which again, you thought seemed like the most logical place. It just proves that just because something is logical to you on one day didn't mean it will be the same logic on the next day.
Fashion. I can tell I'm getting old when I'm in a store and I'm checking out a section of clothes that look pretty cute and then I slowly realize that I'm in the "older" woman section. Oh no. I don't know what is fashionable anymore. I may have to ban myself from shopping without the supervision of my 5 & 8 year old daughters.
Bunk beds. The girls have bunk beds now because a friend blessed me with them! I was contemplating getting it for them for Christmas and said it out loud and Judi just said I have some I need to get rid of. They are awesome and my kids have been enjoying every minute in them. I never knew I would be such a worry wort about them. But they make me so nervous. It doesn't help that my girls are like monkeys so keeping them from hanging over the edge and climbing all over the thing is difficult. But it has been a incredible blessing! Enjoy their picture session below.
Speaking of life has been overflowing with them! My Dad and Beth have me their Christmas tree!! It is beautiful and I love it. Mom and Bob have new extra lights and let the girls rummage through their bulbs. I love Christmas!!
Oh yeah, and this is a teddy bear that Judi gave to my girls too. Charlotte fell in love with it as you can see.

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