Thursday, April 24, 2014

My own little editor

Yes, I deserve it...
We will all admit that. I have my own little editor. Her name is Drea.

I organized some of their toys last week and I was excited to use my post it labels so I labeled the bins. My theory is maybe if things have a specific place that is labeled it will be easier to clean up. (I'll let you know how it works for us.)

So I was showing the kids the newly organized area and Drea read one of the labels out loud, "Pet Shop and other Tiny Toes." She started cracking up and kept saying "Tiny Toes!" Tiny Toes!"

I thought it was great that she caught it! I really enjoyed it. And in case you don't know me well....that's usually my job! I'm normally the editor! Like mother, like daughter. 

I told her she could fix it and make a new label herself because I figured she would enjoy that. Then she pointed it out again tonight and started laughing. I reminded her she had to make a new label and she said she would rather leave that and enjoy a good laugh when she sees it.

Here's a picture of some of the organization. Then there's a close up of my lovely messed up label (which in already embarrassed to show you a pic of because it's very sloppy for me and not at all layed out or centered right...this was at the end of my effort and I was just determined to finish up the project.)

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