Monday, October 27, 2014

And with the seasons change

Life may be getting ready to change drastically....  And I'm so excited. God has been preparing me and I'm ready!

I took the girls to Coopers Rock yesterday and it was beautiful! We hit the perfect weekend probably right before it gets too cold and the leaves fall off. The beauty of God's design is amazing standing there in what seems like the side of the earth. The colors of the trees are magical. Those moments are what reminds me of God's splendor.

The changing of seasons reminded me of what is happening in my life. I would normally not embrace this and live in anxiety and fear of what could happen instead of embracing the possibilities and magic that is happening before my eyes. The trick for me is taking my control out of the process as much as possible. Watch and see, God says....

I will post pictures later from or adventure. Stay tuned.

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